Most people have heard of the term  “Oktoberfest” and most likely associate it with Munich/Germany and lots
of beer drinking. However, there is more to it.

Oktoberfest has its roots in a wedding celebration in 1810 on the outskirts of Munich when Crown Prince
Ludwig of Bavaria married Princess Therese of Saxon-Hildburghausen. The celebration started the last week of
September and continued into the first weekend in October. Hence the name “Oktoberfest”. To this date the
Oktoberfest in Munich starts on the third weekend in September and ends on the first weekend in October.

Many copies of Oktoberfest are celebrated all over the world including the United States and North Carolina.
Since North Carolina boasts a population of one million with German heritage this is no surprise.

Oktoberfest brings people of all ages together. Strangers sit at the same table and talk, laugh and sing together
and may even meet again next year for the same occasion.

The idea of an Oktoberfest in Calabash came from a transplanted Bavarian now living in Calabash in 2014.
After some opposition and perseverance of the “Bavarian” the Calabash Lions adopted the idea especially
when a very generous Calabash property owner offered the perfect plot for a fair like Oktoberfest. It took a lot
of detailed planning since funds were scarce and there was always the risk of no interest in the community. But
they came, liked it and, hopefully, will come again to the 7th Annual Calabash Oktoberfest.

The 2020 Oktoberfest in Calabash may be different from the six previous ones but it will offer Bavarian food,
Oktoberfest beer, Oktoberfest music contests, vendors, alphorn player and other allowable entertainment. IT’s