When:                        Saturday,  October 26, 2019 11:00 AM to 5:00PM
                                Food from 11:00 to 6:00 PM.
                                Live music starts at 12 Noon until 5:30 pm.

Where:                      947 Carter Drive, Calabash, N. C. 28467
                               Behind Calabash Fire Station

SET-UP:                   Saturday, October 26th, starting at 8:00 AM, set-up must be
                               Completed by 10:30 AM. Booths will be located on grass ground
                               Please plan accordingly. ALL VEHICLES
                               MUST BE OUT OF FESTIVAL AREA by 10:00 AM and may not re-enter
                               grounds until closing (5:00 pm).
                               Paws-Ability is not responsible for lost or damaged items.
                               Police will assist in monitoring festival grounds on the day of the event.

ELIGIBILITY:         The Oktoberfest committee and Paws-Ability reserve the right to deny any
                               application for any reason.

ENTRY FEES:        10-11-2019 is deadline for applications.
                               Applications received after this date are subject to availability of space.
                               Application must be received signed and with fee.
                               Applications will not be processed without payment.
                               RETURN CHECK FEE IS $35.00.

                               Space fee: $95.00 for businesses
                                                $45.00 for arts & crafts
                                                $30.00 for non-profit organizations
                               PROCEEDS GO TO  Paws-Ability
ELECTRICITY:       Vendors to list all electrical connections on application.
                               The committee reserves the right to charge a fee for electrical connections
                               contingent on availability.

SALES:                    Exhibitors will be required to handle their own sales, collect and turn in
                               6.75% NC sales tax where applicable.
                               All items sold or displayed must be contained in booth space purchased and
                               no items, solicitation or setups shall occur outside of purchased booth space.

REQUIREMENTS:  Exhibitors are responsible for tent, tables, chairs, props, drop cords, etc and
                               keeping their booth manned during festival hours.
                               According to NC Fire Code you must have a fire extinguisher if you have
                               electricity in your tent (Calabash Fire Dept. will inspect).
                               Booths to be attractive from all sides and shall not distract from neighboring

                               NO SMOKING  IN VENDOR TENTS.

WEATHER:            The festival may be canceled in the event of a hurricane threat, heavy rains
                              and/or winds. 80% of the fee will be refunded.
                              Cancellations will be decided by the festival committee and/or Brunswick
                              County Emergency Management.

APPROVAL;           An approval letter will be e-mailed to your valid email address on your
                              application. This will be the main form of communication between the festival
                              committee and the vendors.
                              Vendors will receive their assigned booth No. by email no later than October
                              25, 2019.

Click here to download the Vendor Application form.  
Vendor Rules
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