Presented by:
The 5th Annual
Oktoberfest in Calabash

947 Carter Dr.
behind the Fire Station

October 27, 2018
11AM to 5PM
A big thank you to our sponsors, volunteers, vendors and the wonderful people who visited the
5th Annual Calabash Oktoberfest on
October 27, 2018.
The Harbour Towne Fest Band entertained the record crowd with their fabulous Bavarian style
music and the contests were great fun for the participants and the audience.
Here are the winners of the contests:
Arm Wrestling:             Brian Henry
Bierstein Holding:        Brian Henry, runner up Richard Buckner
                      Body Edge, Ocean Isle Beach
Wiener Dog Race:        Final winner: Oscar
Sponsor: VCA Seaside Animal Hospital.
Since even Dachshunds age out a senior race may be considered next year, if there are enough
The 6th Annual Calabash Oktoberfest is scheduled for October 26, 2019.